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Qualified Safety Consultant Service  understand the importance of a company EMR Insurance Rating we are here to help you identifying and correcting hazards, We have the Qualified Safety Consultant that management Safety for your company and provide  electrical safety & OSHA training that you need we can be in your office or  onsite. The  OSHA trainer have over 15 years of providing Safety Certification to small & Med construction safety companies  in Maryland /Washington/DC/VA. we are equipped with all the latest technology to keep your management in touch with your work site. Using our years of experience with a price that you can afford .We will provide with detail reports on information received from the field to identify hazards or trends that need correction. Your company management can have a peace of mind Knowing that the right people are on the job. we will provide  both positive and negative observations from the field with descriptions and photos.As construction safety consultants, Our employees meet the highest levels of OSHA qualifications and Safety training Courses, so that we have a well trained workforce that can assist your company to have the best workplace safety & health environment and providing you that peace of mind that is needed. This is our winning way with our approach safety awareness can be customized to keep EMR Modification rate down  for your company to help you achieve your goals to make safety a priority. Qualified Safety Consultant Service offers trained safety professionals who can be contracted for long term or short term projects contact us now and see how you ca get started.